UPGRADE Pricing ProCut Tutorial Videos

UPGRADE Pricing ProCut Tutorial Videos

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This is for customers who previously bought the Cypcut training videos.

You bought an import laser with Cypcut, but struggling to get it to cut right, or keep it cutting right?   In this video tutorial series, you will learn the following:

You must first realize, that machine parameters DO NOT work from one machine to another.

- You will receive a starting set of parameters for 1KW - 6KW Power

- You will learn how to perfect the parameters on your machine

- Learn to eliminate or reduce the burr on thin nitrogen cutting

- Learn to dial in your parameters to improve the edge quality for Thick oxygen cutting

- Learn how machine calibration has a significant impact on machine performance

- Learn how your overall mindset will effect your outcomes

- Learn how machine conditions/variables other than parameters effect its cut ability


If you have a Chinese made fiber laser, such as Senfeng, Bodor, G.wieke, XTLaser, BEScutt, Stealth Laser, Boss Laser, Prima, OREE, and you are struggling with bad cuts in Cypcut or other control system, this video series is for you!  It will help you solve your cut problems.