Star Wars Stormtrooper DXF/SVG file

Star Wars Stormtrooper DXF/SVG file

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Embrace your love of Star Wars (and maybe your Dark Side) with this eye catching stormtrooper. It is a symbol and helmet known the world over, and you can have it hanging with pride in your home. 

With this purchase, you will receive the Vector/CAD file in both DXF and SVG formats.  Additionally you may receive information on where to purchase accompanying accessories, fasteners, or items sold commercially such as ebay or amazon.  These files are "cut ready" and can be used on your CNC Plasma Table, Laser, 3D Printer, Cricut or other vinyl cutter.

“My dad created this piece for me because of my love and maybe obsession of Star Wars. It is so badass and I love every single inch of it. It really is a piece I think any Star Wars fan would love to have or to receive as a gift as I did.” -Daniele Ramsey


May the Force be with you.